Choosing a major is not that major!

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Choosing a major is one of the most important and difficult decisions to make before heading to college. The good news is that you may be able to change your major later. Your college major is a combination of your interests, aspirations and future career goals. For example, most athletes choose majors like physical therapy or kinesiology, the study and science of human movement. Athletes may want to learn about what their bodies do while they perform a sport or exercise, and ultimately make a career out of it. You may consider early childhood education or pediatric medicine if you want to care for or teach children. There are tons of majors to choose from, making the decision even harder in some aspects. Ever since 8th grade, I was set on majoring in pediatric nursing. However, the college I chose did not include a great nursing program for me. I researched to find more majors that would interest me and decided I may prefer speech pathology, the study of language and speech problems in the healthcare field. In the year 2022, business was the top major with nursing and psychology following behind it.

Remember that it is ok to be “undecided” or unsure of what you want to study. Choose a major that is best for you and only you. 

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Consider taking a college major quiz or talking to a counselor or friend to narrow down your options. This quiz made by “Career Girls” is a quick and simple way to take the first step of your college major path.