District Rally

District Rally 


  In the spring Southeastern University hosts an event called District Rally. Students are chosen to participate by their teachers in subjects ranging from math and history, to art and ceramics. It is an amazing opportunity to represent your school. Here are a few words from students who participated! Macee Fielding, the journalism state qualifier, talked about the process. “We had to take a 40 question quiz, and we had one hour to take it.” When asked how she discovered she had won, she said, “Claire Robin texted me and congratulated me, and I was really confused, but I checked the website and I had qualified for district and am moving onto state!” Congratulations Macee. 

Here are all the participants in the 2023 District Rally!


English I –  Isabelle MajouéSophia Finlay

English II – Lillian CandelbatEmerson Olivier

English III – Raquel MartinezSophia Grace Tompson

English IV – Kailee RubiSophia Pool

Spelling – Colleen Cochran – Matisse O’Connor

Journalism – Macee Feilding – Miriam Simpson


Spanish I – Ava Au – Corinne Durio

Spanish II – Allie Adams

Spanish III – Sunny Bologna – Sofia Eversgard


Latin I – Ellen Bidleman – Mia Kammerer

Latin II – Gracyn Dunavant – Alyssa Dickson


Algebra I – Bella Cummings – Caitlin Cambre

Algebra II – Julia Salvant – Mary Avenel

Geometry – Maleah Toce – Anna Hamann

Adv Math Functions & Statistics – Jaclyn Hodges – Alex Brown

Adv Math- Pre Calculus – Faith Garraway – Lily Marion

Calculus – Renee Klien – Ashleigh Hoggle

Financial Literacy – Kim Karl – Brooke Buras


Physical Science- Savannah Reina – Lila Humphrey

Biology I – Natalie Pelligrini – Charlotte Tepper

Biology II – Emma Swider – Anabella Jones

Chemistry – Ayushi Purohit – Jessie Kergosien

Physics – Grey Flattmann – Izzy Henderson

Computer Science – Charlotte Verges – Ava Grace Cummings


American History – Elle Marinello – Kendall Kessler

World History – Karsen Boyet – Helen Sandoz 

World Geography – Molly Mansfield – Julie Gilbert

Psychology – Lauren Ducombs – Sophie McHale

Sociology – Andrea Cuccia – Maren Davis

Civics – Kay Kergosien – Allie Vogt

Government – Kaye Maisano – Kaitlyn Reagan


Fine Arts Survey – Camille Duvernay – Elizabeth Ellis

Art Exhibit: 3D – Emily Edmonds (mugs) – Chloe Brinks (mugs)

Art Exhibit 2D Oil, Acrylic or Water – Juliet Treadway (portrait, bubbles) – Christine Chima (hand)

Art exhibit 2D Color, Drawing, Print , Photo, Digital – Elle Marinello (still life, mouse) – Claire Robin

Art Exhibit: 2D B&W  Drawing,Print, Photo Digital – Caroline Lagarde (portrait) – Mia Mannino (still life)