Confused College Careers?

With college decisions coming up, all anyone is talking about are plans for the future. What school are you going to? What’s your major? What will you do after college career-wise? Although these questions are important, with too much pressure, they can deter seniors from enjoying the last few weeks left.

The important thing to remember is that, yes seniors are leaving a familiar place after five years and have to make certain decisions pertaining to their future, but it is absolutely okay to not know everything yet. There is still time to figure things out. Even when you’re at college, you are still able to change your mind about which direction you want to take. No decision is set in stone and you can make up your mind as you go about life. College is a great place for learning from your mistakes and growing as a person, so don’t stress if you can’t decide whether you want to pursue a marketing major or become a doctor yet.


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While it is scary to not know what you want to do with your next few years, it can also be exciting if you think about your endless possibilities. Enjoy your time with your classmates and teachers while you can but also remember to look forward to new things in your life that will come your way.