Freshmen Friendship


Photo credit: Yearbook

On October 12, 2022, the Freshman class at SSA went on their annual class retreat, following a theme of deepening friendship. It took place at Bogue Falaya Park in downtown Covington, lasting all day. The day started off with the student ministry team greeting the freshman with breakfast. Afterwards, a short walk started the retreat to the park where the class then was able to experience in music, games, talks and opportunities for small groups led by the team. The group members discussed topics such as how to deepen friendships and grow closer as a Freshman class. Activities like making bracelets and ice breaker questions helped the class have an active role in the discussions. The students were involved in physical activities such as games and singing/dancing. Lunch followed, allowing time for the girls to eat and socialize.

After lunch, the SSA doves walked back to campus, where a talk was given about feeling wanted vs. fitting in. The girls then did an activity where they were able to write strong, encouraging messages on each others personal paper. Many expressed that this was their favorite part of the day, and that getting to read the words of encouragement from their peers made them feel loved. Lastly, the girls were able to take part in adoration.  


When asked what aspects did your class grow closer, freshman Sofia Centanni responded with “our class grew closer by writing on each other’s papers with our names on them, and everyone was surprised by who wrote on them. It also made people who haven’t talked in a while become closer.” Seeing the class deepen friendships was the goal of the retreat, along with personal growth.  As Centanni said, there were specific points during the day where the girls were able to reconnect after a distance with other classmates, unifying the class. Allie Vogt is a student minister who attended the retreat because she “was looking forward to getting to work a little closer with the freshman, since I haven’t had any of them in my small groups.” The team worked very closely together to minister to younger minds, exposing them to ways in which they can strengthen relationships with one another. 

Vogt was also asked, “how do you think the freshman class grew as a class by following the theme of deepening friendship?” Vogt also said, “I think they learned a lot about the difference between fitting in vs. belonging and I hope they continue to keep bonding and meeting new people within their own grade.” To close the day, Mr. MacIver ended with closing prayer. The class was able to grow deeper and make new connects as well as reconnect with older friendships too. It was said that it was a great day for freshmen friends.