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The Nest.

The Nest.

A Publication for SSA Students by SSA Students

Looking Ahead:
  • Powder Puff - April 9
  • Junior/Senior Prom - April 12
  • Blue Dress Run - April 13
  • ACT (8th-11th) - April 23
  • Choir Concert - April 24
  • Senior Farewell Assembly - April 26

The Nest.

The Nest.

Oh, What a Night! Prom 2024
Oh, What a Night! Prom 2024
StaffApr 14, 2024

The Colorful History of the SSA Class Colors and Rally Day
The Colorful History of the SSA Class Colors and Rally Day
Natalie Torres, Staff Reporter • Apr 8, 2024

The class colors are an integral part of Saint Scholastica Academy, but its origins are unknown to most. Purple, pink, red, yellow and green...

Heres a novel idea: Read more books
Here's a novel idea: Read more books
Eliana Candebat, Staff Reporter • Mar 27, 2024

When was the last time you read a book? Like sat down, maybe with a nice glass of water, or your favorite tea or coffee, and actually read a...

Apps That Help Me Keep It Together
Apps That Help Me Keep It Together
Sydney Simonton, Staff Reporter • Mar 27, 2024

As teenage girls, we have so much going on all the time. Whether it is a sport, club, job, etc., it can be difficult to stick to productive routines...

Rally Day Recap
Rally Day Recap
Mar 22, 2024

Photos by: Eliana Candebat
Happy New Semester, SSA!!
Eliana Candebat, Staff Writer • Feb 6, 2024

The second semester has begun, the new year is in full swing and the only thing that most SSA students are thinking about is, “How many more...

Football Themes too Lame for the Game?

SSA Yearbook Staff
The student section at the Varsity Jamboree Game at Hunter Stadium St. Paul’s vs. Rummel August 25, 2023

Friday Night Lights are a big part of the Covington school community for both St. Paul’s School and St. Scholastica Academy. They all come together every Friday to cheer on the football team showing their school pride and dedication to the SPS Wolves. Football has a way of bringing people together for a good time and so much goes into making every Friday night a special memory. 

Every week the student council boys at SPS come up with a theme. They typically use the same boring ones every year. The girls at SSA do not have a say in what the theme is for the week and most of them want to wear clothes that are funny or cute to the games. Many of us think it is unfair that the boys get to decide what we wear every single game. I asked junior Samantha Swett, what she would change about the football games. Swett said that having a theme shows unity among the fans but she wished the games had “more creative themes.” 

SSA and SPS students ‘Gold Out’ at Hunter Stadium on a Friday night (SSA Yearbook Staff)

SSA makes up half of the student section in the stands for Friday Night Lights, so why can’t we have a say in the themes for the games? We do go to the SPS football field for the games but the girls should have at least some influence on the theme. In the past, SPS has posted polls on Instagram such as ‘gold out’ or ‘blue out’ but these themes are overused and outdated. The best solution is to let the student council of both schools combine ideas or make a poll so that everyone can submit their ideas for the game day themes. After all, football games would not be the same without a theme. Some ideas could be superheroes, white lies, pink out in October, rhyme without reason, ugly sweater, gone fishing, and so much more. The SPS boys in charge should consider some of the things the SSA girls said. SPS and SSA are brother and sister schools so they should start working together as a team. 

The student section at Hunter Stadium St. Paul’s vs. De La Salle (Joey Michel)
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Hey everyone! My name is Melia Piediscalzo and I am a junior at SSA this year. I am also proud to be a Golden Blue for SPS. I am so excited to be a part of the publishing of The Nest. and cannot wait to learn more.