Dance the Night Away

Prom is one of the nights that juniors and seniors look forward to the most. Wearing fancy dresses and pretty makeup makes everything more exciting and could even be said to be the best part of the night. Getting together with friends and helping each other decide what looks best with makeup and hair makes the night even more memorable. 

This year, prom was at Vintage Court and the band Sugar Bomb played who everyone loved and sang with the whole time. People were walking around with different appetizers and there was a room full of food including pasta, spinach and artichoke dip, Caesar salad and green beans. There were Shirley Temples and a table with bread pudding and cookies for dessert.


 Leaving prom can be chaotic because everyone is trying to leave all at once and it can get super crowded. To help this not be as chaotic the teachers let the seniors leave first and then the juniors leave about 30 minutes later. This staggered all the cars so it would be easier and safer for everyone. After prom, most people tend to go to parties. It could be just a small party with a few friends or it could be a huge party with lots of people. Either way people need to always be safe because no one ever knows what could happen. If you’re going to an after party, make sure you know where you’re going and if you aren’t staying the night, make sure you have a safe ride home. If you’re hosting a party, part of your responsibility is also making sure everyone has a safe ride home.