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The Nest.

The Nest.

A Publication for SSA Students by SSA Students

Looking Ahead:
  • Dove Market - 11/29 (2:00 Dismissal)
  • Senior Sleepover - 11/30
  • Junior Retreat and Senior Outreach/No Classes for 8th, 9th, 10th - 12/1
  • Advent Prayer Service - 12/4
  • Pillar Night - 12/5
  • Choir Concert - 12/6
  • Adopt-a-Family Mass - 12/8
  • Gingerbread House/Cookie Bake-Off - 12/13
  • Exams - 12/15-12/20

The Nest.

The Nest.

Fall Fashion Trends
Fall Fashion Trends
Claire St. Paul, Staff Writer • Oct 24, 2023

As the bright colors of summer turn to crisp, neutral tones, the world of fashion also undergoes its own transformation. Breezy fabrics turn...

How Do You Manage Your Time?
How Do You Manage Your Time?
Macee Fielding, Editor • Oct 19, 2023

Returning to school after summer break is always a pretty hard adjustment. Something about this year though has been more challenging than usual...

“Just time”: A Deeper Look Inside U Block
“Just time”: A Deeper Look Inside U Block
Isabel Medina-Reed, Staff Reporter • Oct 19, 2023

The Dean of Students, Amanda Fraisse, explained that U Block was designed to provide students with "Just time. Time to decompress, study,...

The student section at the Varsity Jamboree Game at Hunter Stadium St. Paul’s vs. Rummel August 25, 2023
Football Themes too Lame for the Game?
Melia Piediscalzo, Staff Writer • Oct 19, 2023

Friday Night Lights are a big part of the Covington school community for both St. Paul’s School and St. Scholastica Academy. They all come...

Haley Hebert, Editor • Oct 19, 2023

“Who are you going to homecoming with?”  “I can’t go because I don't have a date.”  This is a frequent conversation among Academy...

2023 St. Pauls Homecoming Court
Behind Homecoming Royalty
Sydney Simonton, Staff Reporter • Oct 18, 2023

Homecoming season is an exciting time of year for the whole student body. Students in any grade can be asked to the homecoming dance. Beyond...

Drinks for Days with SSA’s PJs

The majority of people like to start their day with a boost of caffeine, and Saint Scholastica Academy students are no different. In the morning, it is customary to see girls with a Starbucks coffee, loaded tea, or energy drink in hand. However, setting aside time to grab one of these drinks can be very stressful. Thankfully, SSA’s own PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans has made students’ quest for a morning coffee much easier.

During the 2018-2019 school year, SSA added PJ’s to its evolving campus. Along with the great coffee, this addition creates an invaluable experience for numerous students. Under the guidance of moderators Wendy Bertucci and Harrison Lajba, PJ’s employs students ranging from sophomores to seniors. However, obtaining this job is not a seamless process. After one collects an application, there is a significant amount of obligatory paperwork. For example, Louisiana law requires all minors to receive a workers permit before they are allowed to work. In addition, prospective students have to fill out W2, 1099, and bank statement forms. Once all these steps are complete and their application is approved, they can become an employee.

As employees, students have plenty of responsibilities. Sophie Pool, a current employee of PJ’s, listed a few as, “Making drinks, taking orders, inventory/restocking products, and keeping the workplace clean.” Workers are also expected to maintain a positive attitude and provide quality customer service. For many students, this is their first job and encounter with these kinds of responsibilities and expectations. Thus, PJ’s provides work experience that not only is beneficial to a student’s resume, but also their future careers. Additionally, the job has other perks. For example, workers make the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour and are dismissed to lunch earlier than their classmates. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the most important perk of them all: one free drink per shift. Click here to view PJ’s menu and some of the staff’s favorite drinks!

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