A Festful Nest


I’m sure many have heard the rumors of Voo-Boo. I , Kaye Maisano, am here to declare the statements FALSE! The reason SSA changed the title from Voo-Boo to Dove Fest was not because of the concerns of copying other schools. In 2020, SSA decided to hold the festival during the springtime, which just so happens to be around Jazz Fest, hence the name Dove Fest. 

Let’s go back to the origin. It all started one weary fall Friday, well maybe not one, but one Friday every year. The teachers were becoming frustrated over the students’ lack of attendance on the Friday before Halloween weekend, which was Voo-Doo Fest. A pattern of absences developed every year. The student council and administration put their heads together to create Voo-Boo, an attempt to bring VooDoo to Saint Scholastica. The club stations replicated the vendors at the actual festival. Student council did what they do best -bringing the community together. The students’ attendance improved; the pattern was broken.

But wait, it’s October and we just had Dove Fest? The name stuck because Saint Scholastica is a festful nest. This was the first year we had Dove Fest in the fall.

After lunch, the grades rushed to the freshman-sponsored festival, especially the snowball stand. Waiting in line one could see the girls’ mouths stained with school spirit, well I mean food coloring. Taking five steps to the right I was approached by who I thought to be Batman. I was not only startled but incorrect;  it was just a student with a painted face. Taking six steps backward sat a bucket of candy- life cannot get any better than this.

The hosts, Kay Kergosien and Julia Case open up the floor to the contenders. First down the line came the Sophomore Class Officer’s performance with the one and only Mrs. Ponder. They left the crowd jumping with their groovtasic Zumba skills. Following the 10th-grade uproar, were a series of questions, fifth-grade questions. The hosts selected two individuals from the crowd, Mika and Mr.Glorioso, and they were tested on who was smarter than a fifth grader. Ironically enough, Mika won. I guess you could say she is smarter than a fifth grader; as for Mr.Glorioso -well,  one would hope so. 

You know you love them, you know they care, the junior class officers put on their chains and tucked away their hair during their performance to Justin Bieber’s pop hit, “Baby.” Next in the lineup came Ella Jeanfreau, brewing up the crowd with Hex Girls, the witches from Scooby Doo. She swept the crowd away with her wicked talent. Next, Marley Eston proved the crowd’s attention belonged with her, singing Taylor Swift’s hit “You Belong with Me.” Senior Aidan Carpenter took the audience through a storm of emotions with her performance singing Umbrella. Her two backup dancers, Katelyn Dowdle and Jenna Kobrock left the crowds laughing in tears. 

The Freshman officers danced to a track; each lyric bounced through their bodies like a pinball machine. Up next, the Eighth-grade Officers mixed it up a bit with their remix performance. Although there seemed to be some technical difficulties they did not disappoint. Like a wise man once said, “The show must go on.” Lillian Candebat sang the Anastasia Original Broadway Cast Recording, “Journey to the Past.” Her performance was truly breathtaking. She left the audience with something to remember about their past.

SURPRISE! I bet you did not see that coming, nobody did. Everyone looks better when they are dancing, especially the women faculty members’ performance to Meghan Trainor’s hit, Better When I’m Dancing. Their synchronized skills left the audience speechless, this called for an intermission. 

Meethi Agarwal’s cover to “Lost Boy,” had the crowds crying harder than a breakup. The senior officers left the crowd’s hands clapping high in the “Air” in their performance to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Following the senior officers, senior singer, the heartbreaker herself, Leah Savoy shared the tips and tricks of  “How to be a Heartbreaker.” The crowd couldn’t get enough, and so she played once again, only this time creating a “Swift” change in mood, from breaking hearts to mending them. After Savoy’s performance, Ella Jeanfreau reminded the crowd she was still standing with Elton John’s hit single. With the festival approaching an end the dance team had one last performance to keep the audience’s spirits high. Sealing the deal like he always does, Mr. MacIver ended Dove Fest with My Lighthouse and a prayer.

 I, Kaye Maisano, am proud to say, this was yet another successful fest for the best in the nest. Mic dropped.